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We were created to praise. My name is Carissa B.. I am a servant, wife, and mother. At an early age, I found out that there was something that set me apart from being a “normal” child. Awkwardness and shyness was part of my everyday life. Not sure what I was called to do during my childhood, our dad put my sisters and I in one room, and began to make music with the ability to sing. I come from a family of eight siblings. Both of my parents were raised in the church. My dad’s side of the family rooted themselves in quartet music. My dad’s mother was also a pastor. My mother participated in the choir that my dad’s mother directed. So, one could say I grew up in a Christian home. My first encounter with God happened one night when I was sleeping. He came through the gift of dreams. I was not sure how to use it nor did I understand the importance of it. I continued to grow in the church. My dad was stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. My dad and mother later helped establish a ministry, where at the time, we were the ushers, the choir, the children ministry, the praise, and worship…. By the age of 13 years I was active on adult praise and worship team, unsure, untrained, but following the direction of the worship Leader. I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t put two and two together. Why am I the only child on an adult team? Later, I understood the dynamics and importance of praise and worship. I would say that I was on the road to understand the gift and calling my life. I was extremely shy and never spoke a lot, but when it came to exalting the Father it was so easy. As time went on, I became fluent in the gift of worship. Since 1993 until now, I have been a Youth Worship Pastor& Worship Leader at the ministries I’ve fellowshipped with. I have developed a desire to understand our purpose as people and our purpose of creation: to worship our father. I have had many other opportunities in ministry:

I was a Children’s Church Director from 1996-2009.

Served in the administrative department of The Download

I was an active member of the National Recording Artist group Not Easily Broken-NEBS.

I am the Visionary and CEO of Beyond the Brokenness.

I have an Associate Degree in Sociology/ Criminal Justice, a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and am pursuing a Master in IT.. I am currently working on a book called “The Chronicles of a Worshipper.

We are Network of Radio/TV Stations. God has allow our ministries to expand.. We have several Radio and TV Shows that we are the creators. 

 Award Winning L.I.F.E. Talk Radio Show

Host-Carissa B.

In 2018, LIFE Talk Radio Show was established.

Mission- Life Talk Radio Show was established to bring awareness of everyday lives with spiritual principally. Through this segment we have the opportunity to fellowship(interview) varies ministries across the border that is thrive to do effective Kingdom Building. We are empowering and cultivating people to embrace Faith. “Learn to Ignite Your Faith Everyday”

Purpose- Learn to Ignite your Faith Everyday.

2019 Co Author  31 Influence Ways Book

I'm a Radio Programmer.

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